Extreme Jewelry Makeover

Are there pieces of jewelry that you havenít worn in ages because it is out of style or broken?

Something that belonged to a family member that's just not your style? 

Let me re-purpose those pieces into something that will knock your socks off! 

Iíll take the parts you like, or the ones that are still useful and add some new bling, and new life to it.

This is MY idea of recycling at its very best!



Here are the 2 necklaces that I created around pieces that had great sentimental value. I used Swarovski crystal, pearls and handmade Murano glass beads. Each necklace is beautiful on its own, but since they are different lengths, they can be worn together as well

Great Combination!

This had been given to my client and she wanted to dress it up but still be able to wear it every day.

Grandmother's locket

This silver locket belonged to my client's grandmother. It had great sentimental value and she asked me to design something around it. It meant a lot to her, so I wanted to make it very special.